It isn’t often that Ennis, Montana captures the national spotlight, but it seems like Todd Orr has temporarily changed all of that with his tale of survival and preparedness. During fall in Montana, bears are to be expected. Leaving the political out of politics as much as possible, election quarters are somewhat notorious for being bear seasons or a different sort. Flattening markets, low volume and an unpredictability which mirrors that of the contest. We all know to diversify, just like we all know about bears in Montana. Just as Todd had bear spray and a pistol, an investor has differing asset classes. What happens when plan A and B don’t work? You crawl up into a ball, and limit your down side losses. Just as one shouldn’t enter the wilderness without a notion of the level of risk they are comfortable with, the markets are no different. Quantify your risk, and your chances of surviving bear season increase exponentially. Even if attacked twice.