1. Advanced Knowledge: CPWA® designees have the advanced knowledge and strategies to help you manage your wealth.

2. The Four E’s: Earning the CPWA® certificate requires high minimum amounts of Experience, Education, Examination, and Ethics.

3. Code of Professional Responsibility: CPWA® certificants must adhere to a strict, seven-pronged Code of Professional responsibility, including serving their client’s interests first, disclosure of compensation received, providing clients all material information related to the investment decision making process, maintaining complete confidentiality, complying with all statutory and regulatory requirements, maintaining competency in investment management consulting, and operating with the highest level of ethical conduct.

4. Continuing Education: CPWA® licensees are required to complete at least 40 hours of CE every two years.

5. Background: CPWA® professionals must demonstrate at least five years of client centered experience and spend a material amount of time working with high net worth clients. This helps ensure that you are working with someone with relevant experience to address your unique needs.